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Company History Braid Products Inc.

aboutFrom what was a hobby back in 1982 to the present, Braid Products, Inc. has produced the equipment which sets the standard for offshore anglers. Dennis Braid, once a custom car designer-builder for the rich and famous, took his experience in design, sheet metals and prototype engineering and thrust himself into the big game fishing market. Too late for Hemingway’s ‘Old Man,’ today’s offshore angler can equip himself with the tools to battle and win against any fish that swims.

Lures, and fishing supplies for serious Anglers

Although the Braid line now includes more than 400 products, it really began in the lure arena when his first big sellers were casting lures wahoo, including the first ‘flash dancers’ and Marauder-type wahoo trolling plugs. From modest beginnings, the company now headquarters in an expansive, state-of-the-art production facility in Palmdale, Calif. In late 1983, Braid stepped forward with his first rod belt. But ever observant and demanding, he recognized early on that one belt, just like one fishing rod, would never suit every purpose. Experienced in the hands-on elements of production, he steadily expanded his line and is now able to suit every fisherman by addressing such areas as body support, comfort, line test and drag pressure. And every one with quality components. His staff is a multi-talented, multi-skilled group that carries the Braid vision to make the best equipment possible. But crucial to the success of Braid Products is Braid, himself, who seems never satisfied. “I fish a lot,” he expounds. “I’m alert to fishing situations or fish feeding behavior that I can respond to. That’s how some products develop right on the deck! I love taking an idea and making a prototype, doing the tooling, creating a product and taking it to end-consumer.” What’s more, he says, “There’s still a lot of opportunity for new products out there.” It’s how fishermen get the very best.

Big Game Fishing and successful Angling from around the world

280Australian born, when it comes to international fishing experience, Dennis Braid has been there and done that. From Central America, the Bahamas, Bermuda, even testing giant blue-fin tuna off the coast of Italy, and with forays ‘all over the Pacific’ he is no stranger to the global sport. Yet vocation took him first into sheet metal work and then as a model and racing car builder. There he became an expert in developing ideas into prototypes and finally into finishing products. But he never stopped fishing. Braid studied, devised and crafted, and when the time was right, he put those manufacturing skills together with his fishing expertise to produce the most innovative and effective lures and fishing accessories on the market. Today he is renowned for his more than 20 years as the leader in big game fishing equipment.