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Have you ever had a question that you have wanted to ask Dennis but have never had the opportunity? Well here is your chance! Click here to ask Dennis Braid, the Offshore Fishing Legend, any question you would like.

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Q: I would like to get your opinion on a standup Set-up for either slow trolling live Skipjack Tuna for 400 plus lb Blue Marlin In the Bahamas or Giant Tuna fishing off Hatteras…Reel choice would be a Shimano 80w loaded with approx.700 yards of 80lb dacron and a 200 yard top shot of 130lb Momoi diamond Mono…. What Rod ??? Harness set up ???

A: Thanks for the inquiry. Seeing that you are using very heavy gear, the set up that we would recommend is the PowerPlay Belt and PowerPlay Harness system. Though larger Black Marlin (to 400#’s) does require heavy drag, it’s nothing compared to the pressure you need to apply to the Giant Bluefin Tuna off the Carolina coast. For the most part, these fish are going to be released, if there isn’t an open quota. Therefore, fish have to be brought to the boat in the shortest period of time for a healthy release. With the system we are recommending, in combination with the correct techniques, you should be able to bring these fish (300#’s-500#’s) to the boat in less than 20 min. To read more about these techniques, Click on the Tips/Tech section for this great article. Hope this is helpful. Have a great season!


Q: I have bought the 30350 Power Play belt and the 30800 Harness. Do I need drop straps (what number 30150?)? Do you have any diagrams showing how to put the harness, belt and drop straps together? I do not want to get out there and then find out that I do not have this put together correctly.

A: Thanks for the inquiry. Yes, we recommend the Drop Straps (#30150). Drop straps allow you to adjust the belt lower on to your thighs…this will allow you to gain more leverage while fighting the fish. There’s a good picture of how they attach on our website…go to I hope this helps!


Q: Being from S. Florida, our Sword fishery has been awesome since the Longliners have been pushed out of our area. Most of our fish are sub 100lbs but 400+ lber’s have been caught. It’s said that Swordfish have soft mouths and putting to much drag pressure on these fish will end a fight quickly with pulled hooks. Other’s are not in this camp and put as much heat as possible once the fish settles down. Guys fishing 18lbs of drag are being pulled around the ocean for 5-10 hours only to find a 200lber on the other end. Some crews are 35+ lbs and still taking 9+ hours on 350+ # fish. Being that Dennis is the master of stand up gear…. what drag pressure would he fish on an Tiagra 80W (130# hollow core spectra to a Momoi Xhard 220# windon leader)? Also.. does Dennis have experience with our S. Florida Swordy’s?

A: I spoke to Dennis and he recommended fishing at least 45-50#’s of drag. As he said, If the hook is going to pull, there’s nothing you can do about it! Hopefully this is what you are looking for. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Dennis anytime. Thanks again for the inquiry.


Q: Hi, I need a new fishing belt, to handle 40lb class rods and lines, but it needs to manage a 50 inch waist, can you help??

A: Thanks for the inquiry. A couple of belts that would work great in the 40# range would be our Baja Belt or the Brute Buster Belt. All of our belts fit up to 54″.


Q: I recently returned to N.C. from Fla. Where I battled a 400lb. Bull shark. It took me 2 hours and I felt like a little girl when that shark was done with me. I read your article in Salt Water Sportsman about you and I see I have a lot to learn. I fish a 20′ Shamrock which I am rigging for sharks and Blue Fin we get in the winter. I have two 9/0 Senators on standup rods and a 16/0 Senator on a big roller rod. I am saving my pennies for a pair of 50tw Internationals. I shark fish from the pier or the surf at night and I would like to know if you have any suggestions on a belt/harness system that you would recommend for me.

A:Sounds like you’re getting set up for a great time. The belt and harness that I’d recommend is the PowerPlay Belt (Model #30350) and the PowerPlay Harness (Model #30800). You will also need a pair of our Drop Straps (model #30150).


Q: I am fishing from a 23 center console with 50 Tiagra’s. I’m using 130 spectra with 80lb. Top shot. Targeting Tuna and Marlin. What would be the best standup set up for me? A bucket harness or Marlin Harness? With which appropriate belt?

A: Thanks for the e-mail. For 80, 100 & 130 pound stand up gear, the PowerPlay Belt and Harness are the only choice. This system will easily accommodate, with comfort, the heavy drag pressure required to fish these line classes. The model #’s are #30800-PowerPlay Harness and #30350-PowerPlay Belt. You will also need Drop Straps to connect the harness to the belt. That item is #30150. There are several shops that carry this popular model. If your local shop doesn’t carry these items, try looking on our website and visiting any one of the Online Featured Stores.


Q: I’m interested in your Power Play Rods. The model I want to know about are the BR48XHR and the BR56XHR. I want to know the price of each of those rods. I have several of your products including the power play belt and harness, two videos and some lures. I plan to go on a long range trip one day and your articles were very helpful to me. Thanks.

A: Thanks for the inquiry. We appreciate your patience as we are still re-working our Rod program. We plan on offering the BR48XHR in several configurations, which will affect the pricing. One model will have hypalon foregrip, another model will have our PowerPlay foregrip and the third model will have a curved unibutt configuration. Prices will range on all of our rods from $250.00-$650.00.

Q: I am starting tuna and sword fishing on headboats and charters.i have a bad back,knees . What system would you recommend? i was thinking just a harness?

A: If you are thinking of just a harness, then I would recommend the Samurai Harness (Model #30810) or the Power Play Harness (Model #30800). These two harness are the best when it comes to comfort and support. You can also watch a video on this harness and how to use it. Just go to Also, you can read an excellent article I have on using the Braid Products Fishing Harness. Just go here to read it: