Commercial Fishing Report Online System now available

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Licensed commercial fishers are now able to submit their monthly Commercial Fishing Report online. The link is available at the DAR commercial fishing web page. Commercial fishers may use the online system to submit their fishing reports. Some of the benefits of the Online Fishing Report system that licensed commercial fishers will realize include:
•Ability to view report submission status
•Easy to submit “Did Not Fish” report for month in which a fisher had no activity
•Drop down windows for area fish code, buoy, gear, landing port and species to facilitate report completion
•An option to save data entries for each individual fishing trip until a fisher is ready to submit their report at end of the month
•Ability to print copy of the monthly report for the fisher’s business records
•Option to download an extract of the fishing report record for import into the fisher’s favorite software so they can analyze their own fishing performance
•A link to Online Commercial Marine Licensing System that allows renew of a Commercial Marine License online
•Web-site security through the State of Hawai’i's internet portal –

During the initial phase of this online project, only the Fishing Report form can be submitted online. Other report forms, including the commercial Aquarium Catch, Deep-sea Handline Trip, Tuna Handline Trip, Net/Trap/Dive & Activity Reports, will be available for online reporting in the near future.

DLNR is providing this new online system as an alternative method of submitting mandatory monthly commercial fishing reports, which are required by law. It is DLNR’s goal to facilitate the collection of fishing reports, which provide invaluable data for both State and Federal government agencies who co-manage the fisheries in Hawaiian waters. By submitting complete and accurate fishing reports every month before the reporting deadline (the 10th day of the following month), commercial fishers will avoid license renewal refusal, or fines administered by the Civil Resources Violation System.

Commercial fishers who require assistance in using the new online system may contact the Statistical Unit in Honolulu at (808) 587-0108, or 587-0595, or 587-0084, or 587-0594 from Monday through Friday, 7:45 AM – 4:30 PM, except Holidays and Furlough Fridays. They may also e-mail questions to the Fishing Report hotline.

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