Dennis Braid

Braid-Products-Caught-Fish-46Dennis Braid, the name that is synonymous with Offshore Fishing. Australian born, when it comes to international fishing experience, Dennis Braid has been there and done that. From Central America, the Bahamas, Bermuda, even testing giant bluefin tuna off the coast of Italy, and with forays ‘all over the Pacific’ he is no stranger to the global sport.

Yet vocation took him first into sheet metal work and then as a model and racing car builder. There he became an expert in developing ideas into prototypes and finally into finishing products.

But he never stopped fishing.

Braid studied, devised and crafted, and when the time was right, he put those manufacturing skills together with his fishing expertise to produce the most innovative and effective lures and fishing accessories on the market. Today he is renowned for his more than 20 years as the leader in big game fishing equipment.